Fall 2015 Courses

Media studies courses offered in Fall 2015

“COML 6071 Introduction to Media Theory” (McEnaney)

“INFO 3350 Text Mining History and Literature” (Mimno)

“COML 6409 Postcolonial Remix: Museal Urbanism and Artistic Networks” (Murray)

“MUSIC 3432 Sound Studies: An Introduction” (Pinch)

“SOC 6320 Inside Technology” (Pinch)

“PMA 3461 Introduction to African American Cinema”(Sheppard)

“ARCH 3819 Archi•Pop: 20th-Century Architecture as Mediated by Popular Culture” (Lasansky)

“PMA 3570 Introduction to 16mm and Digital Filmmaking”(Howard)

“ECON 2040 Networks” (Easley)

“AMST 2980 Inventing an Information Society” (Kline)

“CS 2850 Networks” (Klineberg)

“PMA 4412 History and Identity in Sports Film” (Sheppard)