Media Studies Launches New Initiatives

Media are the means through which society is reflected, tested, challenged, and changed.  Media names the diverse modes of communication from the hieroglyph to the algorithm, encompassing the myriad technologies, forms, and practices by which information circulates amongst a global population. Media names the transformation of every discipline by new arrangements of texts and information, new requirements for interpretation, evaluation, and formal media production for every college graduate.

It is an ancient concept that remains cutting edge in its applications. Ezra Cornell made his fortune by investing in the media infrastructure of the nineteenth century; we renew his belief by affirming the centrality of media to our times.

Cornell Media Studies is unique for its broad historical reach, and for the collaborative interaction among the disciplines from Classics to Information Science.


Art History Professor Receives Grant for Global Seminars

By: Kathy Hovis,  A & S Communications February 6, 2019 Iftikhar Dadi, associate professor of history of art, has received a $238,000 grant from the Getty Foundation’s Connecting Art Histories initiative for a series of research seminars. The project, “Connecting Modern Art Histories in and across Africa, South and Southeast Asia,” is a collaboration between … Continue reading “Art History Professor Receives Grant for Global Seminars”

Art Book Reveals Inner World of ‘The American Fraternity’

By: Linda B. Glaser,  Cornell Chronicle November 14, 2018 The black, faux-leather book cover declares “The American Fraternity,” and nothing else. The title page reads only “Ritual of Initiation.” “The American Fraternity” is an almost verbatim reprint of a University of California, Berkeley, fraternity’s secret ritual manual, interspersed with photos Andrew Moisey took at the fraternity over … Continue reading “Art Book Reveals Inner World of ‘The American Fraternity’”

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