Phd Student Organizes Symposium on Maverick John Lilly

Reconsidering John C. Lilly is a one-day symposium convened by Hannah Zeavin (UC Berkeley) and Jeffrey Mathias (Cornell University).

John C. Lilly (1915-2001) was a trained physician, neurophysiologist, psychoanalyst, and counter cultural icon who had one of the most eccentric careers in 20th century science. Lilly was the epitome of mainstream science in the 50s and most of the 60s--but was eventually maligned and disowned by many of his former peers and collaborators. 

Nonetheless, his work illuminates 20th century cultural and scientific phenomena ranging from the human potential movement to cybernetics. 

“Reconsidering John Lilly” brings together scholars from this wide variety of disciplines to reevaluate the life and career of John C. Lilly.


Find out more on the Reconsidering Lilly website.

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John Lilly. Image courtesy of Malcolm Brenner.