Making Media

Making Media Courses

Each of these classes qualifies as a Making Media course, required for the Media Studies minor.  Students wishing to minor in Media Studies are also required to enroll in the one-credit Media Studies Minor Colloquium during the semester they fulfill the Making Media requirement.

An asterisk before the course number (*) indicates that a prerequisite, instructor permission, or prior training is required in order to enroll.

ANTH 3110: Documentary Production Fundamentals (PMA 3510)

ARCH 1110: Introduction to Architecture: Design Studio (Summer course open to non-Architecture students)
ARCH 1120: Architecture Design Studio (taught in Rome, nonmajors welcome)
ARCH 1501: Representation I: Freehand Architectural Drawing
ARCH 1502:  Representation II:  Media of Representation

ART 2201: Introduction to Painting
ART 2301: Introduction to Print Media
ART 2401: Introduction to Sculpture
ART 2501: Contemporary Art Practice through Drawing
ART 2601: Introduction to Photography
ART 2701: Introduction to Digital Media
*ART 3201: Spatial Transpositions in Painting  
ART 3306: Print media:  The Artist’s Book
*ART 3401: Sculptural/Artistic Practice
ART 3404: Installation
*ART 3501: Drawing: Pictorial Language; Drawing the Body
ART 3601: Photography: Identity and the Global Lens
*ART 3699: Photography: The Eye Phone
ART 3700: Special Topics in Digital Media:  Topic: Algorithms, Imaging, and Power
ART 3705: Digital Media: Art in the Age of Networks
*ART 3799: Special Topics in Digital Media:  Video Art and the Body

COMM 3010: Writing and Producing the Narrative for Digital Media
COMM 3020:  Science Writing for the Media
COMM 3050:  Advanced Media Writing about Cultural, Social, and Environmental Crises
COMM 3060:  Connecting Experience: Creating a Personal Brand and Implementing an ePortfolio

Computer Science:
CS 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Architecture
CS 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Architecture

ENGL 3741:  Design Thinking, Media, and Community

Information Science:
INFO 1300: Introductory Design and Programming for the Web
INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Design
INFO 3350: Text Mining for History and Literature
INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Design
INFO 4240: Designing Technology for Social Impact
*INFO 4340: Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing

MUS 2380: Performing Hip Hop
MUS 2701: Music and Digital Gameplay
MUS 1421/2421: Introduction to Computer Music/Computers in Music Performance
MUS 2111/2112: Songwriting/Collaborative Songwriting
MUS 2440/2441: Shaping Sound I & II
MUS 3431: Sound Design
MUS 4360: The Art of Field Recording

Performing and Media Arts:
PMA 1410: Media Production Lab
PMA 1640: Computing in the Arts (CS 1610)
PMA  2000:  Media Studies Minor Colloquium
PMA 3510: Documentary Production Fundamentals (ANTHR 3110)
PMA 3531: Screenwriting
PMA 3570: Film and Video Production I
PMA 3571: Documentary Filmmaking
PMA 3572: Environmental Film Production
PMA 3614: Creative Character Design
PMA 3620: Lighting Design Studio I
PMA 3631: Project Terrarium Imagined
PMA 3632: Production Design for Film, Television, and Digital Media
PMA 3633: Puppets and Animation
PMA 3660: Costume Design Studio
PMA 3680: Sound Design
PMA 4532: Advanced Screenwriting
PMA 4585: Advanced Film and Video Projects

Science and Technology Studies:
STS 3020: Science Writing for the Media
STS 4510:  Topics in Media Arts